Website designs that help you create better brand image and drive business growth

Web Design

Websites have become a logical extension of your overall advertising, marketing and brand building exercise

Bharathi Information Technologies is a professional web design company in India, offering state- of the- art web design and development services at affordable rates. Our web design services include web portals, micro websites, e commerce websites, wordpress websites, dynamic websites etc and help companies attract larger number of target customers and grow their business.

As websites have now become an extension of the overall marketing and brand building exercise, well-designed websites are now needed to ensure publicity for your product and services. Our expert web designers create dynamic websites with user- friendly content management and responsive interfaces to help you achieve a better return on investments (ROI).

Our customized web designs use powerful visual effects that keep users stay on the site, encourages more user- engagement and generates a genuine desire for the products and services on offer. We develop user interfaces that provide easy and quick website navigation and build strong “calls to action” that convert users in to genuine customers. This leads to greater number of conversions and the achievement of business goals

Designing a website from Bharathi information Technologies pvt. Ltd ensures that you are offered a responsive design that offers perfect viewing experience across all devices and platforms including mobile devices, ipads etc

Website Redesign

If your current website is preventing you from meeting your online marketing goals, then you need to redesign your website to achieve your desired aims.

Bharathi Information technologies offers website redesign services that will give your existing website a contemporary look without changing its functionality in anyway. And with Bharathi Information Technologies, redesigning is more than giving your website a new look; it is about having an all - in- one solution that will bring in more customers, leads and greater number of conversions, leading to exceptional results for your company.

Website Maintenance Services

Website Maintenance Services Keep Your Website Fresh & Updated

Website maintenance services from Bharathi Information Technologies ensure that your website is regularly updated with fresh content and enhanced applications, giving it a thoroughly new, fresh & professional look. Our website maintenance plans imply that your website remains current and functional, to ensure repeat customers and that these changes are incorporated at the most affordable rates.

Bharathi Information Technologies pvt. Ltd will ensure the services of dedicated professionals who will take care of all web maintenance & support services with their regular updates. This will help you reduce costs and eliminate the need to hire professionals in-house

A rarely updated website reflects on the professionalism of your organization and your online credibility can be greatly impacted by outdated content, broken links, security concerns etc.

Website Maintenance Services from Bharathi Information Technologies Include:

  • Updating website content regularly
  • Adding new sections, content, images, animations etc
  • Advising you on how to grow the site effectively
  • Checking coding errors and working towards improving the visibility
  • Removing and correcting broken links to internal and external sites
  • Maintaining the functionality of the website

Hire Web Maintenance Expert

Bharathi Information Technologies has a pool of web maintenance experts whose services can be availed of by overseas clients wanting expert web maintenance and support staff for their regular site upkeep. Bharathi Information Technologies has several website maintenance & support plans for the convenience of overseas clients. You can be rest assured that when you hire a web maintenance expert from Bharathi Information Technologies, you are in possession of a resource working singularly for your website maintenance and support services

Our website maintenance & support services are not only confined to sites we created but also to sites we did not design and develop.

Responsive Web Design

Amazing Viewing Experience on Desktop & Mobile Devices

Responsive website design services from Bharathi Information Technologies are being offered since the year 2011, helping consumers view any product or service details on their specific desktop or mobile devices. The ability to display the product offerings on consumers' specific communication device in a visually appealing and user - friendly manner, brings in increased product awareness, large site traffic, greater conversions and renues

A responsive website is a website that adapts to the size of the device that is being viewed on including desktop, smartphone or tablet. A responsive website dynamically re-sizes its content and imagery according to the capabilities and size of the device being used.

Bharathi Information Technologies is a responsive web design company that is fully aware of the growing importance that responsive web design commands. Presently mobile traffic accounts for more than half of total internet traffic. Our responsive web design and development services are geared to deliver a better visual experience for the user on any device.

Google has begun to boost the ratings of sites that are mobile friendly and a website that is not optimized for mobile usage and performance will witness drop in search rankings and a resultant loss of business potential.

Responsive Website Design From Bharathi information Technologies - Benefits

  • Enhances user experience
  • Content adjusts to the size of the device screen
  • Improves Google rankings
  • Brings in higher conversions
  • Offers greater business growth potential
  • Ensures greater visual publicity with exposure on multiple devices
  • Offers cost effective benefits- eliminates the need to design site for every device
  • Easy to maintain

Our responsive web design services include not only the development of new responsive design sites but also the modification of any existing website to make it responsive.

We are happy to help you with responsive website design needs.

Outsourcing Professional Web Design Services To Bharathi Information Technologies - Benefits

  • 4+ years experience in developing creative websites
  • International exposure as over 90 % of our web designing services for clients
  • Designing dynamic, interactive websites with user friendly navigation
  • Error free loading & flexible web structure to support your expanding business
  • web sites focusing on aesthetics and design impact
  • Experienced UI designers, coders and content developers
  • Always keeping the target audience in mind and ensuring an enjoyable user experience
  • Starting with wireframes, working closely with clients at every stage of the development process