Building interface designs (UI) that are user-friendly, accessible, affordable and with great aesthetic appeal since the year 2011


Building Web User Interface Designs (UI) and Mobile Interface Designs - Maximizing User Experience

Bharathi Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a User Interface (UI) design company in Cochin, India, offering web user interface designs & mobile interface designs that allow for maximum user engagement.

The goal and focus of our every User Interface design (UI) is to maximize the user experience (UX) by making interaction with the system as simple and efficient as possible. Our UI designs reflect your brand identity and help you accomplish your specific goals.

User Interface Development Woven around User Needs

Bharathi Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd develops user interface designs focusing primarily on the users’ needs and this is the starting point of all our user interface design process.

We build web user interface designs and mobile user interface designs that are interactive, easy to operate, focus on users' needs & goals and help improve the visual display of various products and presentations. 

Our expert user interface developers come with high quality UI designs that help business attract more customers, bring in increased customer loyalty, reduce bounce rates and provide higher conversion rates.

The better your user interface, the more your users will like it; and the more aesthetically pleasing, the more desirable it is to the end user. 

Bharathi Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd adds value through our user interface design process and we design for both native & hybrid mobile application and solutions.


We have a clear understanding of who the likely targeted customers are and what their demands are. Our UI design is focused on satisfying the demands of the target customers.


Clean navigation is an essential element of a good user interface design. Our UI designs come with uncluttered layouts, user – friendly navigation and simple designs helping users navigate through the site in the easiest and most user - friendly manner.


 Bharathi Information Technologies gets regular feedback from its users regarding the usability and adaptability of the UI designs provided by it. We are always open to suggestions and readily accept both the positive and negative feedbacks. Based upon these feedbacks we make the necessary corrections as per the user’s demand.


As a leading UI / UX design company in India, Bharathi Information technologies has a team of expert user interface developers whose services can be availed of by overseas clients wanting to hire dedicated user interface developers.