Offering the services of our dedicated resources for your offshore development projects since 2011

Offshore Web Development Projects - Hiring Models

On persistent demands from our offshore clients for the dedicated services of several of our resources, we have decided to offer three hiring models to enable offshore clients to engage our services in the manner most suitable to them

The three hiring options that we presently offer are:

Retainer Model - Dedicated Developers Model

Under our retainer model hiring option, we offer the dedicated services of a number of our resources for a predefined period of time. This type is ideal for clients who choose to engage the services of our talented and experienced IT professionals for their software projects. This model is highly economical and cost effective and eliminates expenditure on use of infrastructure facilities as our resources use our company infrastructure only.

Fixed Price

In our fixed price hiring model system, our offshore clients pay us a fixed sum of money prior to the commencement of the project. The sum is mutually agreed upon taking in to consideration the type of services to be provided, the number of resources to be deployed and the timeline needed to complete the project.
All work specifics are mutually agreed upon prior to the project commencement to eliminate all future disagreements.

Time & Material

In the Time & Material model, the client is billed on hourly basis regardless of the length of the project. We follow this model for more complex projects prone to multiple specification and design iterations. This model offers greater flexibility as the client has the freedom to change specifications of the project any time he chooses.

We reiterate that we are flexible, cost effective and economical and that all our processes and procedures are fully transparent.

Benefits of Hiring Web Developers from Bharathi Information Technologies

  • Services of expert web developers available
  • Professionals with excellent English communication skills
  • Delivering high quality web development services at economical rates
  • Eliminating the need to spend money on using infrastructure facilities
  • Quick response processes via Skype, email, phone chat etc
  • Peer Support - support of other sections ensured