Success is a combination of planning & Strategy – so do we believe. Our process is then geared to ensure success for our clients at all levels through the several stages of our process strategy.

Initial Discussion

We conduct an initial discussion with our prospective clients to understand their needs, core objectives, business goals, target customers etc and then devise an effective strategythat will serve as the road map for the project.

Creative Process

With a solid understanding of key drivers and business goals, we move on to the creative process outlining the conceptual designs, navigation, layout, content etc and ensure that all the key user needs are met on each page of the website


At this stage our initial concepts go through a refinement process resulting in a working prototype that perfectly blends aesthetic appeal and good user experience with business goal accomplishment. This is given to the client for his feedback and acted upon.


We move on to the implementation and the “build process” part after receiving the feedback from client. A robust, functional and scalable website is built that meets exacting design standards and meets client's business goals


Testing is a part & parcel of our project delivery process and is intended to ensure that the website is fully functional, error free and compatible across various web browsers. Our clients are encouraged to perform testing to ensure complete satisfaction prior to the site going “live’.

Support Services

We also provide support services to our clients and the services of dedicated professionals are available to any client that wishes to hire the services of expert web developers